The times they are a changing

 You may notice some differences around here... like the look of the blog etc but I'm not done yet! I hope to give this an overhaul and make it more personal and a better reflection of who I really am! But I'll fill you all in closer to the time!

Until then, here is a cool picture. Enjoy.

Emma x


I Love...

At the minute I am desperately fighting the urge to have all my hair hacked off before the summer. I love this style but it will have to wait until after the beach season!

Running... I must admit I used to despise it. However, as I have been determined to get fit my affections have grown. I am certainly not the greatest runner but I am proud of how my perseverance, fitness and confidence have grown because of it. Thank you running.

Good old fashioned chivalry is what I am trying to depict here. The Boy has been very good to me, when we started going out (many moons ago) his friends taught him well in the art of chivalry and for that I am very grateful.

There's a whole lot of love going around this season and although the Boy doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day (I do and he got treated to a steak dinner). I have loved hearing about everyones romantic moments and how each couple is so unique!

Freedom. Warmth. Sunshine. I LOVE that spring/summer is just around the corner.

 Onto the bandwagon I jump! I adore her style and her music isn't to bad either!

Last but by no means least, this gorgeous green tea with lemon. For anyone trying to cut down on their coffee intake (like myself).  I highly recommend this vesty infusion. It makes you feel uber healthy and it's a hug in a mug for this chilly spell.

Love YOU lots

Emma x

Rubber Heart Rubber Sole

Hello there!

How cute are these???
The adorable shoes pictured below belong to my little cousin Lucy; she calls them her bubblegum shoes as not only are these charming Vivienne Westwood beauties perfectly formed but they are also scented! 

If only they were in my size...

Thats all for now darlings!

Emma x



Hello and welcome! 
Just two little words sent to me 1st class by the lovely people at Graze. This delightful little box of treats was delivered a few days ago and I am converted! 

The treats I received were the bonnie wee oat bakes, west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia, the herb garden and scrumptious blueberry swirl. Each portion was perfect for snacking during the day and I particularly enjoyed the blueberry swirl! 

I love the fact that every box is chosen by Graze based on your ratings so although you can state your preference you never really know what you're going to get! It's a great way of trying new things and all of the snacks look delicious so I'm confident I won't be disappointed.

The Graze philosophy is to keep blood sugars constant throughout the day to avoid that afternoon slump; this is achieved by snacking on healthy foods... simple! This should boost immunity, increase energy and create a varied diet. 

If chocolate calls your name and you find it hard to grab that apple, this is a great idea plus they will give you an extra helping hand. You can narrow down the foods they send for your own specific purpose by choosing one of the nutrition plans which include the eat well box (healthy with the odd treat), the boost box (the strictest one) and the light box (lowest calorie). 

If your interested in checking them out visit here

I'm away to have a nibble...

Emma x



Hello there, 
I thought I'd let you know how Bailey was getting on and oh how he's grown! The last time you saw Bails he looked like this... "and they called it puppy love" but now look!

 "Let me in! Look I'm a human too!"

Although he can be incredibly annoying (he eats all my shoes!) he is a great study buddy and is now definitely apart of the family; he is such a sweetie! 

Anybody else have a pet they're proud of?

Emma and Bailey x


and finally...

Well, if I haven't persuaded you to go to Dublin yet then take a look above... it is a beautiful city! With Valentine's Day approaching I encourage you to check out these amazing deals promise I don't work for the Irish tourist board!).  

We found a gorgeous little market where I found (and bought) High Fidelity in novel form, it's a brilliant book and one of favourite movies; I highly recommend it.

There are a host of great museums and art galleries scattered throughout the city so I encourage you to go and seek them out. Most are free as well and you can be ever so cultured when you come home!

For our evening meal we went to the pop up Pyg which is a pop up version of the Pygmalion(also found in Dublin). Great food, great service and the BEST nachos I have ever had, would definitely go back. Even if it is just to lust after those amazing feather lights!

Home again... the Boy and the Thing from The Adams Family and myself

The End.



Welcome back to the rest of our Dublin adventure!
After breakfast (see last post Prodigal)  we walked around the city to see what we could find and stumbled across a shopping centre... the shopping centre of my DREAMS! 
It was full of boutiques, cafes and art galleries, in fact everywhere you turned there was something beautiful or interesting... I was in love. 

 We grabbed a quick lunch here; the staff were super friendly and were in the perfect spot for people watching.

When we ventured back into the city we found loads of great shops for both for clothes and food!

Part three to come soon...

Emma x




I have returned! For good this time (promise). I have got my new laptop! Isn't she a beauty?

I am now broke again of course but thats life!

Anyway, now to start with what I really wanted to show you. As you know I have been busy with exams over the last few weeks and now I am straight into my research project... No rest for the wicked and all that.

As a nice treat the Boy took me to Dublin for the day and it was perfect. We got up early and got the 7.30am train; as I had been out celebrating the night before I had only managed to capture 3 hours sleep and was therefore passed out for most of the journey.

When we arrived he bought me to an exquisite place for breakfast, it was quite far out from the city centre and for a while I thought we had got lost, but  before our stomachs could let out their hungry growls, we found it.

The Boy had done his research and said this was supposed to be the best place for breakfast in Dublin and I can see why, if you are ever in the city you must visit Tiesan Cafe (46b Harrington st). It was possibly the best coffee I have ever had, which isn't surprising as they abide by the proverb that coffee should be "as strong as the devil, as hot as hell and as sweet as love". I didn't even need to add milk as it was already so creamy... definitely up there in my top 5 coffee moments. The food was gorgeous also, I had the eggs benedict and the Boy had french toast made with Guinness bread with bacon and a mix of strawberries and blueberries... needless to say we shared!

The main part of the cafe is in an outside area and as it is rather chilly, wonderfully snuggly blankets are provided which I adored! 

This was the start of our Dublin adventure, more to come soon!

Its great to be back, 

Emma xx



Hello there! Long time no see and all that...

Well this is awkward.

O.K, I admit it, I've been a terrible blogger, it's been ages since I last posted anything; but if you just hear me out I'm sure you'll understand... because you are wonderful, beautiful people!

Firstly I'll make my excuses:

1. My laptop broke. I've only got it back last week and all of the memory has gone. Yep. All my work and photos... gone.

2. My camera broke. It smashed. RIP. I haven't been able to take any new photos to blog about.

3.  My car broke. It had no brakes. Very dangerous indeed.

4. My phone broke. Got a new one for christmas! YAY!

Yes my dears, this all happened, in the SAME WEEK.

I did not panic but resigned myself to no more blogging for a while... but I shall be back soon!
I've got a new (much better) camera, which I can't wait to show you! Also my phone has a very good camera too so I've no excuse in that department. I am (fingers crossed) getting a new laptop this month, if I keep saving away so it will be blogging central over here!

Thanks for hanging on!

Emma x