Coffee anyone?

Just a few pics from a lovely cafe we visited a while ago... I say cafe it was like sitting in someone's front room!
The coffee was lovely and the mismatched cup and saucer was so cute...

Crazy fox above our heads...
Which was placed in front of a wall covered in the different types of money they have received, there was so much to look at!

Eclectic decor!

A blazing fire to keep us warm, it was much appreciated as it was a cold and blustery day!


Free pancakes with all the trimmings... AMAZING!!

The view outside of the castle and the coastline

The views were beautiful and we sat huddled up beside the fire scoffing our free food and hot beverages in what is possibly the cutest coffee shop in the country! The staff were lovely although it was all a bit chaotic, the lady who took our order had come in for something to eat and ended up becoming a waitress!

Hope your all well, I'm crazy busy at the minute so sorry for the lack of posts lately!

Emma x



So much work at the minute and everything is getting so cold and grey... I think I need an adventure!!!

Let me know your adventures...

Emma x

Wise words

 Emma x

Night In

I don't know about you but I love a good night in! This was from the weekend, the boys made a wonderful thai curry and I attempted to make mars melts from a recipe I saw on The Londoner (great blog, I highly recommend checking it out), I improvised quite a lot so I just ended up making a cake with melted caramel filling... needless to say it was very tasty! All in all it was a great night, we watched a movie and just chilled out. What's your perfect night in??

Peace out

Emma xx



My style inspiration... the beautiful Gemma Arterton. Gorgeous, cool and really down to earth!


Fox in Boots

Hello again!

This weekend has been so lovely! I stayed with friends up at the coast, I'm sorry I  don't have time to fill you in right now but here's an idea of how it went. These are the adventures of fox in boots...

This picture is from our epic walk along the coastline, we took a risk going at this time of year but it totally paid off, it didn't rain once! The views where amazing (there'll be a pile of pics of those to come) and we also ate in some great places, a very unique cafe and a top notch restaurant with killer views of the ocean. They will probably feature somewhere in the near future also but but for now you'll have to follow my footsteps...

There you go... photo's of the various terrain my boots endured today, I cant wait to show you the proper pictures, sorry for this odd post!

Emma x

P.s. Watched Tree of Life on Saturday night and oh. my. word. I've never seen film like it, we shall discuss it soon!