Fresh Air

  I've been posting a lot of quotes recently and I'm holding back the urge to post more!

Instead today I decided to show you some of the photos I took last weekend. The boy and I went to the coast early in the morning and it was great to get some fresh air. We went for a very long, very beautiful walk, I'm not sure the pictures do it justice. The morning was bright and calm... unlike the sea which hit against the rocks and soaked young family just in front of us, the kids loved it but the parents where far from impressed! 
Then it was coffee time. I adore coffee and at that moment I definitely needed it as I was ...
1. Very tired 
2. Had hands of ice
Although it was sunny it was very chilly, but thats exactly what i wanted; fresh, crisp seaside air. So after walking what felt like miles up and down the beach, we found a cosy pub for lunch. Close to a perfect Sunday I think!

How did you all spend your weekend?

Emma x