Sprawl II

Dear Foxes,

I hope you are well! This is what I have been getting up too on this busy, cold day. I happened to have my camera with me today on my travels and it was great company. It will really have to escort me more often, so despite the miserable weather, my day was really quite lovely.

 I am not really a fan of Starbucks, I have my issues with it e.g. I find their coffee is a bit too sweet however I went there no less than THREE times today! Now to be fair I did not get coffee every time, but I must say it had a lovely atmosphere. It was warm and the staff where lovely but it was the music that really stood out because it was perfect background coffee shop music, well done to them.

The weather is definitely heading from autumn (fall) into winter; the above picture is from my trek to L's house. The world is just so grey, wet and cold at the moment so I distracted myself with trying to capture my battle with the forces of nature. 

 As you can see I was fiercely unprepared! My shoes were like flippin' sponges, they soaked up all the water and my poor feet felt like blocks of ice but don't worry they are cosy and warm now (the right foot has definitely forgiven me but the left one isn't so sure...).

I arrived safely at L's and couldn't be happier to see the bright red door. It was so good to see her again! We used to live together and its strange not seeing her everyday now, she is the kind of friend who is practically family so time together is always a dream. 

When I arrived she was busy getting ready so Cam (the camera) and I explored. L's room is gorgeously girly as I hope the picture above shows.

L has a really relaxed bohemian style which I love; hopefully I shall get to dress her up soon as she will be my model for a long awaited fashion post!

The rest of the day was spent pretty much in coffee shops both with L or the Boy. Also went shopping, as I was on the hunt for a dress. Therefore obviously left the shop having bought a t-shirt and jumper. Anyone else have that problem? Still love my purchases and hope to show you soon! 

Lots of love 

Emma x

P.s. the moon tonight was awesome... sadly didn't get a pic but I nearly crashed the car due to staring at it... maybe this should have been the wolf letters??


  1. Nice photos, they make me want to go out and do something despite the horrible weather!

  2. Thanks! I think we should just embrace it, I'm even going to the beach this weekend :)

  3. Emma - thanks for the comment, that picture was taken with a 35mm pentax film camera - of which bit the dust : ( so i'm on the search for another...

  4. You are so luck with your great taste and style.