Fox in Boots

Hello again!

This weekend has been so lovely! I stayed with friends up at the coast, I'm sorry I  don't have time to fill you in right now but here's an idea of how it went. These are the adventures of fox in boots...

This picture is from our epic walk along the coastline, we took a risk going at this time of year but it totally paid off, it didn't rain once! The views where amazing (there'll be a pile of pics of those to come) and we also ate in some great places, a very unique cafe and a top notch restaurant with killer views of the ocean. They will probably feature somewhere in the near future also but but for now you'll have to follow my footsteps...

There you go... photo's of the various terrain my boots endured today, I cant wait to show you the proper pictures, sorry for this odd post!

Emma x

P.s. Watched Tree of Life on Saturday night and oh. my. word. I've never seen film like it, we shall discuss it soon! 

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