and finally...

Well, if I haven't persuaded you to go to Dublin yet then take a look above... it is a beautiful city! With Valentine's Day approaching I encourage you to check out these amazing deals promise I don't work for the Irish tourist board!).  

We found a gorgeous little market where I found (and bought) High Fidelity in novel form, it's a brilliant book and one of favourite movies; I highly recommend it.

There are a host of great museums and art galleries scattered throughout the city so I encourage you to go and seek them out. Most are free as well and you can be ever so cultured when you come home!

For our evening meal we went to the pop up Pyg which is a pop up version of the Pygmalion(also found in Dublin). Great food, great service and the BEST nachos I have ever had, would definitely go back. Even if it is just to lust after those amazing feather lights!

Home again... the Boy and the Thing from The Adams Family and myself

The End.

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