I Love...

At the minute I am desperately fighting the urge to have all my hair hacked off before the summer. I love this style but it will have to wait until after the beach season!

Running... I must admit I used to despise it. However, as I have been determined to get fit my affections have grown. I am certainly not the greatest runner but I am proud of how my perseverance, fitness and confidence have grown because of it. Thank you running.

Good old fashioned chivalry is what I am trying to depict here. The Boy has been very good to me, when we started going out (many moons ago) his friends taught him well in the art of chivalry and for that I am very grateful.

There's a whole lot of love going around this season and although the Boy doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day (I do and he got treated to a steak dinner). I have loved hearing about everyones romantic moments and how each couple is so unique!

Freedom. Warmth. Sunshine. I LOVE that spring/summer is just around the corner.

 Onto the bandwagon I jump! I adore her style and her music isn't to bad either!

Last but by no means least, this gorgeous green tea with lemon. For anyone trying to cut down on their coffee intake (like myself).  I highly recommend this vesty infusion. It makes you feel uber healthy and it's a hug in a mug for this chilly spell.

Love YOU lots

Emma x

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